Shanti Korporaal

Shanti Korporaal is a Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Bio-Hacker, Facilitator, Whisky Chick and most of all, lives for Lightbulb moments. With her husband, Skeeve Stevens, she runs eight businesses with offices in two countries – Australia and Cambodia. In life and in business they make a great team, Skeeve is the visionary and ideas and Shanti is the practical tactical, implementer.

She is co-founder and Director of Future Sumo, Future Faqtory, Superhumanology, VR the World, Chip My Life, Niisch, eintellego Networks, eintellego Networks (Cambodia) and Elastic Venues (Cambodia), v4Now. All of her companies are about empowering her clients to grow and flourish in their own businesses or department.

Shanti and Skeeve’s primary focus is on their futurist consultancy, Future Sumo and one of the creative tools they are able to use within businesses is Virtual Reality and 360 Video through VR the World. They believe in helping all companies both large and small, start-ups and established, understand the coming changes in technology, people, consumer trends, work practices and everything in-between. They guide companies through this disruption era and even help them disrupt others who are asleep at the wheel.

All of what Shanti does is about transferring the knowledge that she has from her own life and experiences in a way that is relevant to the people she is with that results in a lightbulb moment, that leads to long term change and empowerment.!