Network Support Agreements (NSA)

Network Support Agreements (NSA’s) are the support agreements for your Core Network(s) and other key network assets.

We keep your networks operational with trained and certified Juniper and Cisco engineers.  We perform add/removes/changes, respond to emergencies, liaise with your 1st and 2nd level technical staff, and fault find any problems quicker than most by using a lateral-thinking approach to network engineering.  We know the networks, carriers, vendors and the support systems it takes to keep a network working well.  We’re also there, with monitoring systems and staff – 24/7, so you don’t have to be.

All NSA’s are broken up into two components, being Support and Maintenance.  NSA’s are a Remote offering where eintellego Networks engineers manage your assets for you.  The way an NSA is priced is dependent on a number of factors such as: Complexity of Network, complexity of assets, number of assets, number of hours included, availability (business hours or 24/7).  Generally NSA hours are (typically) broken up as 50% Support and 50% Preventative Maintenance. ‘Support’ hours are usable for ‘out of hours’ changes are provided on a sliding scale percentage depending on your agreement.

  • Phone/Email Support of network related issues
  • Day-to-Day Management of number of network assets
  • Support of Complex Devices (if included)
  • Support of Complex Features (if included)
  • Out-of-hours remote support included for emergency issues
  • Onsite support in datacentre is included for emergency issues and changes to the network infrastructure
    • This comes out of ‘Support’ allocated hours, and after hours deplete at a higher rate
    • Responding to network monitoring alerts
    • Overall management of the network solution including:
      • Network Architecture
      • IP routing – BGP, OSPF, Static, IPv6, etc
      • VLAN management
      • Virtual Router Management – VRF
      • Complex Feature management such as MPLS, QoS, LNS, LAC, QinQ
      • Liaising with network service providers (Transit, Wholesale, Datacentres, etc) for ARC, support and outages
      • Monitoring and response to supplier outages (if required)
      • Extra Support hours can be purchased.
  • Monitoring of endpoints and infrastructure
  • Basic documentation included
  • Scheduled maintenance of network assets (daily, weekly, monthly or custom)
    • Log checks
    • Health checks
    • Security checks
    • Hardware/Environmental checks
    • Ongoing maintenance of network infrastructure
      • Internal routing
      • Upstream connectivity – BGP sessions, routes, announcements
      • Internal and external load monitoring
      • Extra Maintenance hours can be purchased.
  • Discounts on CSA, PSA and EC-NSAs for certain level NSAs
  • Centralised Authentication & Logging Included for certain level NSAs
  • Logging of Device changes (including differentials) included in all NSAs
  • Timesheet reports for all work performed

End Customer Network Support Agreement (EC-NSA)

EC-NSAs are Management Agreement of End Customer network equipment.  This typically includes enterprise-grade equipment that is remotely manageable and measurable by eintellego Networks.

EC-NSAs are limited in features and complexity.

They may contain:
  • Equipment from Cisco, Juniper, HP Networking (enterprise Grade)
  • Equipment Types: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless (and Controllers)
  • Connectivity Types:  xDSL, Ethernet, WiFi, 3G, Point-to-Point Wireless, other transparent layer 2 connectivity may be included
  • Protocols: IPv4, IPv6
  • Routing Protocols: Static, RIPv2, OSPF, ISIS, iBGP (no full feed)
  • Features: Basic QoS, Failover Design
Example Equipment (not a definitive list)
  • Cisco: 850, 870, 880, 900, ISR and ISR2 series routers
  • Cisco 2000, 3000 series switches
  • Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 series Firewalls
  • Cisco Access Points and Controllers and wireless functionality of Cisco routers
  • Juniper SRX 100-240 series Firewall/Router/Switches
  • Juniper EX2000, 3000 and 4000 switches
  • HP E Series including E5400 and lower switching
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