Managed Networks

In the 25+ years experience our engineers have in the Australian and APEC region we have built, designed and deployed many interesting, creative, critical, and robust networks.

The engineers at eintellego Networks, collectively have over 25 years experience in helping build small to large and very interesting networks for enterprises, government organisations and Internet Service Providers – all across the Asia Pacific region.

Most of the services that eintellego Networks provides are fulfilled by remotely accessing your equipment. This drastically cuts the costs on what can be an expensive service industry. Should it be required, eintellego has staff available to visit your site in the following locations: Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne and Brisbane. We can also arrange other staff in most other locations.


eintellego Networks has a variety of solutions available for your needs:

– ISP Builds
– Rollout Methodologies
– IPv6 Solutions
– IPv4/IPv6 Address Management

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