How We Work

eintellego Networks provides support for your network in a few different ways. We offer support, maintenance, project management, project implementation, network design and consulting. We offer three types of agreements.

Monthly support – these are tailored to your needs and you have us on retainer for 12 or 24 months.

Block agreements – you purchase a block of hours and you can use them as you like until they run out or 12 months which ever comes first.

Adhoc basis – basically you call and we answer, however our monthly clients always take priority so we cannot guarantee availability.

Monthly Support Agreements

eintellego Networks provides a premium monthly network agreement package, each package is tailor made for each client based on requirements and expectations. Basically our Monthly Network Support agreements mean that you have full access to our engineers and consultants when you need them. Within these packages there are some standard components and ones you can add on.

Standard components include:

  • Consulting hours
  • Network Management hours
  • Network Project hours
  • Basic Account Management

Some add ons include:

  • Advanced Account Management
  • Dedicated Network Engineer
  • Monthly Management Meetings
  • Network Brainstorming Sessions

eintellego Networks works around your business requirements to provide you with exactly what your network needs. We will establish expectations and work with the requirements you have. When we commence work with you we will document and get associated with your network. You will never be out of the loop again.

Block Agreements

eintellego Networks has an option of simply purchasing some hours of Network Project, Consulting, or Management hours. Basically you will purchase a block of hours and you can use those hours until they run out.

Obviously if we have never worked on your network before we will need to take some time to get acquainted, however these blocks are usually used for consulting when you need support for a particular client or network upgrade.

Adhoc Basis

Most of the services that eintellego Networks provide are on a monthly retainer or project basis. But occasionally you may have a once off need that we can provide. Below are some examples of adhoc work that eintellego Networks performs:

Emergency Response
– Infrastructure problems
– Server failures
– Service issues (email, web, auth, dns, etc)

– Consulting
– Configuration
– Liaise with Cisco/Juniper for ISP programmes such as funding or financing

Skills Brokering
– Sourcing and placing of staff for very specific roles

Project Brokering
– If you have a network (no matter how large) that you are trying to find a provider for, we can find a suitable candidate. eintellego Networks has been involved in rollouts with hundreds of sites



Always the most awkward part of any relationship, but something that needs to be dealt with upfront.  eintellego Networks loves to help people, but the reality is that we need make sure we keep the lights on.

Monthly Support (Full Network, Consulting, Project) – Pre-Billed a number of days equal to the terms you require.  This means that if you have 14 day terms, we will invoice you around the 15th of the month for the following month.  Monthly agreements have the lowest hourly costs.  Our view is that if you have a commitment to us, we will make one to you.

Block agreements (Support, Consulting, Project)  These are for those who only need help every now and then.  Depending on how your network is designed, or how complicated – sometimes a familiarisation fee may be applicable.

Adhoc basis (Support, Consulting, Project)  eintellego Networks only performs adhoc work on a pre-paid basis.  A pre-paid block agreement is available in 2 hourly increments.

For all pricing, please talk to an eintellego Networks Account Manager.