Consulting Service Agreements (CSA)

CSAs are generic consulting agreements that do not include any support for active network assets.

The Internet is an ever changing and complicated place.  Technologies, vendors, web apps, Cloud… so much so fast.  eintellego Networks is constantly keeping an eye on what is going on, so we can be available to provide advice to you or your staff. CSAs are monthly agreements, which are contracted for a minimum of 12 months.  CSAs are not required with an NSA, but are recommended.

We also provide adhoc consulting for network emergencies and are there to help you evaluate solutions and vendors, discuss ideas and design solutions which make you look good to your customers – internal or external.

CSAs can be used for many purposes, but some examples are listed below.


  • General technology advice
  • Network Architecture and Design advice
  • Networking product and/or Vendor advice
  • Product evaluations and comparisons
  • Liaising with Vendors for product briefings or deal (bid) negotiations
  • IPv6 planning and migration advice
  • Liaison with 3rd party contractors such as Cablers or Server Engineers
  • Pre-Sales Advice for customer solutions
  • Business Advice related to ISPs
    • Product Design
    • Vendor Negotiations
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Human Resource and Staffing
    • General advice on ISP related service agreements
    • Attending meetings with End-Customers on behalf of your organisation
    • Resource Analysis and RIR liaison
    • Assistance in responding to Tenders – from a technical solution perspective
    • Disaster Recovery and Risk Management advice
    • Project investigation and Scope development