Sleeping Well?

Are you able to sleep at night knowing that your network is working as it should be? And if something should go wrong, that the right people are there to look after it? eintellego Networks is a specialist network systems integrator that has been involved in the building of over 200 ISPs and countless enterprise networks. Let us help you sleep better at night. Click here to find out how.

Doing Everything Yourself?

Are you sick of spending late nights in the data centre?  Are you still having to personally manage everything  because you can’t trust your staff to do the right thing the first time? Let us take care of the hard and demanding technical parts of running your network.  We will be there, so you don’t have to be. Click here so we can be there for you.

Need To Talk?

Do you wish you had someone you could just ‘talk’ to about ideas, projects, technology?  It’s a lonesome place at the top when you are supposed to be the person who knows everything.  We’re here to be the guys that you can get advice from and run ideas past. We also know a lot about a lot.. remember, we’re “The Experts Who The Experts Call™”. Click here to be heard.

Being Held Hostage?

Are your IT Network staff holding your network hostage? Are they hard to get information out of? and do they play the “It’s too complicated for you to understand” game?  We’re here to empower you with a impartial, clear understanding of everything related to YOUR network – not theirs!  Call us today to gain control of your network from IT Hijackers! Click here and we will set you free.

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